Stomach Cleansing

Vomiting as a cleansing procedure is used not only by people but even animals – cats and dogs especially eat grass to cause this reflex. Vomiting is a natural reaction of the body provided by nature itself. Yogis use this technique consciously to strengthen their bodies. This procedure is much more effective than any drugs and does not cause side effects

Tongue Cleansing

Tongue Cleansing is a very effective method to remove toxines from the body. On the tongue there are reflex zones that are associated with all internal organs. During the night every body tries to eliminate toxins. And our tongue is one of the gates which body uses. We have to remove this poisons from the tongue in the morning. Otherwise they come back through the blood into our body

Liver Cleansing

The meaning of the procedure is to create the right conditions in the right period of the liver cycle to remove stones and other toxins accumulated in the liver. This is a good way to restore liver function and clean the blood effectively.

Kidney Cleansing

For the one week eat only watermelons and brown bread. In the middle and at the end of the week take a hot bath between two and three o’clock in the morning. This is the most favorable time in the daily kidney cycle for this procedure. Eat a watermelon sitting in the bath.

Joints Purification

This purification procedure allows you to clean the joints, get rid of the weather pains, joint fatigue, etc. Joints should be cleaned in the first year once a quarter, then once a year.

Shankaprakshalana – Varisara

Shankaprakshalana is powerful method to clean up the digestive system and the whole body.It cleans the mind and restores energy. It is recommended to carry out this purification 2 or 4 times a year, at the beginning of each season.


What is Yoga?

How does this world work?
What does it mean – being human?
What is the meaning of existance?
Where is happiness abide?
There are many very significant questions which must be answered to make my life meaningful and happy.


Location: base of the coccyx Element: Firm solid matter, Earth. Controls bones, nails, hair etc. Bidga mantra: LAM Color: Red Sense organ: Smell Animal: Elephant – a huge unbridled force Qualities:  stability (the basis of physical existence, mental stability), health, body odor 4 petals (4 categories of desires, trends, needs) – the basic human aspirations: […]



Technique: Stand straight in normal stand with palms together in Namaste position at the level of your heart. Raise your hands and stretch the whole body with pleasure. Slowly, carefully and consciously bend your body ahead and down, feeling each vertebra in your spine, starting from the lowest ones.