What is Buteyko Method?

The goal of any human is to be happy.

One of the tools to reach the goal is to have healthy body.

Why the body not healthy? Because very basic condition for normal body functioning is not fulfilled: all body cells suffer of oxygen shortage.  This is because of low level of carbon dioxide in inter-cell fluid which is cell’s living environment and all cells are directly dependent on the content of the inter-cell fluid (see Bore’s law).

To make body healthy and happy we need to restore the normal level of carbon dioxide in the body and that restores also supply of oxygen to body cells. First what we need is the deep understanding of above. Otherwise we can’t effectively and properly use all available tools to reach normal level of carbon dioxide.

It is rather obvious that the best way to get the result is the proper use of all tools that allow us to increase and normalize CO2 level. It is not wise to take just some of them and leave aside others. Any discussion about what tool is better is out of common sense.

What are the means to increase CO2 level and get healthy and happy body?

Method Buteyko was developed as scientific understanding of physical body. But in my discussions with Konstantin Pavlovich he considered CO2 as representative of Prana (energy body) at the physical level. He clearly understood that his discovery valuable at all levels of human existence: physical, energy and consciousness.

Here we touch just simple and available to  everybody tools.

  1. Conscious constant shallow breath control based on relaxation of the whole body (classic Buteyko Method). Buddha told to his disciples:  all you need to practice is constant watching of your breath. Buteyko repeated his words.
  2. Physical exercises of any kind with calming down breathe after it is finished. The only source of carbon dioxide is cell’s breathing:  cell takes oxygen in from inter-cell fluid and throw carbon dioxide out. Working muscles are the most direct and effective way to fill the body in with CO2 It remains only to hold it and not to breath everything out.
  3. All breathing exercises that increase level of carbon dioxide: sitting and walking  practice of Buteyko Method with light air hunger, yogic pranayamas – extremely effective way if people understand what they do and do not consider pranayamas as deep breathe and do it “with difficulties” (air hunger) how it is described in classic yoga texts.
  4. All kind of control and maximum pauses but again with calming down breathe after it.
  5. Diet which does not poison the body. There is a lot of CO2  is used to neutralize poisons and get them out of the body decreasing essentially level of carbon dioxide. Poisons also destroy the normal body metabolism. We need to avoid all kind of poisoning.
  6. Excitements and emotions of all kind make us breath deeper. Should be put under conscious control and eliminated when unnecessary.
  7. Patterns and conditioning of the mind should be considered under the magic glass of common sense. Those which produce emotions and all kind of conditioned feelings should be eliminated. Calmness of the mind is very essential part of happy life and healthy body.
  8. Prayer, yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi and the most of old big spiritual and Marshal Arts practice make breathe and mind calm. It is good shot at goal.

Our body is complex universe but it is one interdependent system. If at the physical level we  are sick it effects our psychic and other way around: stress can stop the heart and kill entire body.

Buteyko Method works at all levels simultaneously. For example, when we are nervous carbon dioxide drops and increasing of CO2 calms down the nervous system.

This was Buteyko approach to human body and it is the most profound and correct way to treat ourselves and people around.

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