Tongue Cleansing

Tongue Cleansing is a very effective method to remove toxines from the body. On the tongue there are reflex zones that are associated with all internal organs. During the night every body tries to eliminate toxins. And our tongue is one of the gates which body uses. We have to remove this poisons from the tongue in the morning. Otherwise they come back through the blood into our body. By the color and localization of these depositions on the tongue surface Ayurveda, as well as in Chinese Medicine make presize diagnosis of internal organs functioning.


Tongue cleansing is performed by scraping the surface using a special scraper or a teaspoon. From the root to the tip of the tongue perform rhythmic scraping stretching tongue to the full extent until it is completely cleaned or you feel a slight urge to vomit. This will indicate an upward flow of prana through the channels of the throat, while blood actively rushes to the head, saliva is liberated profusely. Relax, repeat several times.


1. Cleansing and massage of the tongue are an excellent natural prevention of diseases of the throat, head, lungs and heart. It protects a body from premature aging and death.
2. The tongue has numerous nerve endings, taste receptors which are stimulated and can affect the internal structures of the body and taste centers in the cerebral cortex, increasing their sensitivity.
3. The branches of one of the most important energy channels called “Saraswati” come to the tongue. Stimulation of these chanal gates strengthens the entire body and increases energy in the system.
4. Pulling the tongue to its full length activates the salivary glands. It is extremely important for the normal functioning of the digestive system. Saliva is considered a valuable “life juice” in yoga and its normal secretion is essential.
5. Tongue cleansing strengthens the glands of the throat (tonsils, lymph nodes, thyroid, parathyroid glands), the thymus, nerves and muscles of the esophagus, and the speech apparatus.
6. This practice improves the effect of uda-vayu, energy localized in the throat and circulating in the head. It has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the vessels of the brain, develops clarity and sharpness of the mind.

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