Why body dies?

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko told me that there is no any reason for human body to die from physiology point of view. The body is perfect and able to completely renew itself if it has all elements needed to do this restoration work. But it does not live even 150 years while it has to live at least 300 years. Why?

The answer is quite obvious. There are two main factors making our bodies sick and miserable.

1. There are two facts we have to consider here:

1.1 Life on Earth is Carbon (С) based. There are 3 main elements are used to build all living bodies. They are: C, H and O. The most bio-chemical structures in human body looks like Progestoron – C21H30O2 – a lot of carbon C, oxygen O2 and hydrogen H. Other elements like Ca, Na, Fe etc. also used but much less then these three. Carbon we get from food – organic structures which contain again a lot of C element. Another source of carbon is carbon dioxide CO2 which is sub product of cells breathing process: every cell consumes a lot of oxygen and throws outside CO2. Oxygen comes to cell from air breathing in via blood transportation system. Water is the great source of H – hydrogen. Oxygen is the most important: when we stop breathing brain cells die in 5 minutes. When we stop drinking water we die in 1-2 weeks because of lack of hydrogen. C – carbon is very important as well but it is less obvious. When we stop eating we can live for more then 3 month. But it is because our body produce a lot of CO2 inside via cells breathing process which supplies needed carbon to bio-chemical processes in the body.

1.2 Body consists of cells which need all three above elements. The cells do the whole work. If cells do not get what they need to function properly they just die. If body cells have everything they need they easily reproduce by just dividing. If all cells work properly the whole body is healthy and strong, it works like Swiss watch and can never die. In modern time our body cells suffer from great shortage of oxygen because of great shortage of carbon dioxide in the body tissue. This is the discovery of Konstantin Buteyko – scientific explanation why human body quickly gets sick, old and die. He called it the Deep Breathing Disease because we remove exhaling a lot of carbon dioxide through deep breathing. In medical science there is well known Bore’s Law: if the level of carbon dioxide CO2 in tissue is low the oxygen – O2 remains in blood. It simply means that there is a lot of oxygen in the blood of modern men and no oxygen in inter-cellular fluid which is the living environment of all cells in the body. That is the main reason why we develop all kind of body disorders in all body systems – we do not give our body what it needs to function properly. What we expect? That’s why Buteyko Method of developing new breathing pattern and increasing of carbon dioxide level in the body heals more then 150 different disorders. It is not a miracle, it is just logic scientific approach based on correct understanding of human body.

2. The second reason is the constant body poisoning because of bad air, food full of pesticides and other poisons, wrong eating habits like years long mixing of incompatible products. The last factor is also based on the lack of body knowledge. For instance, to eat desert right after diner is the best way to poison body heavily because sugar is digested only in the lowest part of digestive system, in long intestine. When it stays in the stomach for some time it turns to spirit, get sucked in the blood and spread all around the body. When you do that for many years you kill by poisoning many cells in your body and the body feels and looks like garbage can. It is the same reason – ignorance and lack of ability to feel your own body which is the result of sick body and agitated mind.

But just to change eating habits and try to avoid poisonous environment is not enough. The much more important reason why our body gets sick and quickly destroyed is the lack of carbon dioxide in inter-cell fluid. CO2 is the main component which is used to neutralize and remove poisons from body tissue. It cleans the body. When it is not enough of carbon dioxide the poisons are accumulated there and corrupt the most of metabolic processes. Even if we are get poisoned regularly but would have normalized breathing and normal level of CO2 the body would be able to stay healthy just by cleansing and removing most of poisons. But unfortunately most of us have low carbon dioxide level and poison the body by all means.

The only solution is to increase CO2 in the body by normalizing its level in the system. There many additional tools and means how to stop loosing carbon dioxide like breathing exercises, diet, correct physical exercises, yoga and pranayamas etc.

The list of disorders caused by low level of carbon dioxide is huge because every body system is effected. Our body metabolism includes about 200 vitamins and 1000 enzymes. Even with normal nutrition if there is a shortage of CO2 the assimilation of vitamins and enzymes dramatically decrease.  Сalcium is washed away. The bones get fragile and the joints get slowly destroyed. And that is just a fragment of the whole picture of body disfunctions caused by carbon dioxide shortage.

That is why Buteyko Method heals so many so different disorders like asthma, allergy, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease on early stage, irregular menstruation etc. Check some of them in the list of disorders that can be healed by Buteyko Method.

It is because of the core metabolism of the body is disturbed. Hyper ventilation – deep breathing pattern, low carbon dioxide level resulting massive shortage of oxygen all around the body is the real cause of the most body disorders.

All this can be studied in depth in our webinars and workshops.

Good Understanding to everybody!

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