Liver Cleansing

The meaning of the procedure is to create the right conditions in the right period of the liver cycle to remove stones and other toxins accumulated in the liver. This is a good way to restore liver function and clean the blood effectively.

For the procedure you need 300 ml of olive oil and 300 ml of lemon juice.

Day 1:

In the morning on an empty stomach make an enema. Drink the whole day just fresh apple juice in any quantities and eat nothing else.

Day 2:

Repeat exactly Day 1

Day 3:

Enema in the morning. Drink fresh apple juice until 19 hours. Liver relaxes at this time according to the daily biorhythm.

Lie in bed, put a hot heating pad (hotty) on the area of the liver.

Start drinking with an interval of 15 minutes 3 tablespoons of olive oil and immediately followed by 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

When the intestines turn on and want to use the toilet, stones, cholesterol plugs and other things unnecessary for the body will start coming out.

Continue drinking oil and juice untill it is finished or you feel tied or week.

Have a good rest after that.

First year it is recommended to carry out the procedure once a quarter, then once a year.

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