Mooji guided 30 minutes meditation

Mooji guided “Be in Presence”meditation is the beautiful way to be present, which is the first main step in spiritual development, to feel taste of pure being, to enter Atman in us. Enjoy!

Mooji guided 20 minutes meditation

Mooji guided meditation “Do not wait!” is the beautiful way to go inside, to feel the soul, to enter Atman in us. Do not wait! Enjoy!

Nadabrama – Tibetan Hamming

Nadabrahma is an old Tibetan technique which was originally done in the early hours of the morning.
It can be done at any time of the day, alone or with others, but with an empty stomach and remain
inactive for at least 15 minces afterwards.

Guided Meditations with Adyashanti

Many people think that it is the function of a spiritual teaching to provide answers to life’s biggest questions, but actually the opposite is true. The primary task of any good spiritual teaching is not to answer your questions, but to question your answers. For it is your conscious and unconscious assumptions and beliefs that distort your perception and cause you to see separation and division where there is actually only unity and completeness.” ~ Adyashanti

zen meditation

Zen Meditation

Having established in motionless position of legs, arms, body and head in a traditional lotus posture, with breathing controlled, incessantly calming of thoughts and integration of consciousness using special methods of concentration, with the development of control over emotions and strengthening the will, with cultivation of deep silence in the farthest corners of consciousness – in other words, Zazen practice creates optimal conditions for looking into the heart consciousness and discovering in it the true nature of existence.

Hridaya Meditation

It is the Self Inquiry meditation technique based on Romana Maharshi approach and enriched with extra tools by Sahajananda – the founder of Hridaya Yoga.