Emotions and feelings

A social person is full of wrong ideas about himself and the world. A misunderstanding of nature and essence of emotions is one of the main sources of human suffering. Understanding the fact that emotion is a falsification, substitution, a surrogate for feelings, frees us from a serious attitude to emotions, from the idea of its high value, and as a result, makes us free, calm and happy.

Being Present

We therefore believe that life is a set of events that occur with our body and mind. And this is the main source of human suffering, because we can not control the outside world and become completely dependent on it. But it’s like watching a movie: I disappear in the experiences and events of the characters, but when the film ends I realize that it was all unreal, and was happening inside my Self, which was aware and perceived by these pictures. It is within our Self, in the field of awareness, that there is a real life, and not in a world of objects that change and move, capturing our attention and creating the illusion of life.

Zen Meditation

Having established in motionless position of legs, arms, body and head in a traditional lotus posture, with breathing controlled, incessantly calming of thoughts and integration of consciousness using special methods of concentration, with the development of control over emotions and strengthening the will, with cultivation of deep silence in the farthest corners of consciousness – in other words, Zazen practice creates optimal conditions for looking into the heart consciousness and discovering in it the true nature of existence.


Freedom is the highest value, even higher than love.

Unconditional love is only a property of inner freedom. It is always freedom from personality.

Freedom begins with the rejection of human conditionings - the personal perception of oneself and the world.

Then the soul is freed from karma and tendencies.

And finally, the separation of the individual I disappears, the individual Consciousness (Atman) merges with the universal Consciousness (Brahman).

This is the absolute Freedom - Sat-Chit-Ananda!


Return to your Self. Freedom. The joy of being. The totality in everything. The expansion of consciousness. Fullness of life. The infinite variety in perception of reality. A bright vision of the world. Enjoying the beauty. Simplicity and clarity.

This is Yoga!


An infinite variety of shapes, directions and roads. We came here to become that infinity. To discover our true nature, who we really are. To find the freedom that is happiness. How do we do that? The algorithm is very clear and simple: to understand the causes of our suffering and throw them out of our lives. The residue will be peace and unconditional happiness, which is bliss.

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How to live long and happy

Yoga is the good start to fulfill our only destiny in this world - spiritual realization. This site tries to give you as much help as possible to begin your own yoga practice.

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The way of conscious life

Meditation is a powerful tool to realize the meaning of human life. This site offers the descriptions of the most strong meditations taken from different spiritual traditions like Buddhizm, Zen, Yoga etc.

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