Evolution of human organism

Carbon dioxide is the staple for all the living matter on the Earth. Plants take it from the air, animals eat plants, and people eat both. Huge percentages of CO2 in the air of ancient times have come down to our minuscule 0.03%. Absorption of this residue by plants may inevitably lead to end of life on Earth. I reported that at the World Geochemistry Congress in Moscow in 1972.

Bohr Effect – the Law Of Breathing

Bohr Effect is the reason why deep breathing (hyperventilation) makes us to suffer oxygen shortage in every cell all over the body.
It is the main reason and cause of body disorders like asthma, allergy, diabetes, eczema, hepatitis, ulcer, cystitis, high and low pressure and many many others.

Method Buteyko and Meditation

The Buteyko Method helps to reach the state of “no thought” or complete awareness. The breath becomes imperceptible, like a slight vibration, the mind it still and tranquil, even the pulse lowers. This is in the region of states given names like Samadhi or Satori – they are peerless states of existence. And for those inclined, the Buteyko Method is one practical way of progressing towards them.

Kevala Kumbhaka

Kevala kumbhaka does not require inhalation or exhalation and is considered the final stage of spiritual union, or samadhi. Kevala kumbhaka is not simply holding the breath between inhale and exhale. It is considered holding the prana completely separate of the movements of inhales or exhales, and is an unprompted stop of breath that occurs within a samadhi state attained through pranayama.

Nadi Shodhana pranayama

Nadi Shodhana pranayama is the powerful method to make a body healthy and strong, to increase energy and consciousness levels, calms down the mind and prepare it for deep meditation.
Nadi Shodhana pranayama is the best way to feed the body fully with oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time.

What is Buteyko Method?

Why the body not healthy? Because very basic condition for normal body functioning is not fulfilled: all body cells suffer of oxygen shortage. This is because of low level of carbon dioxide in inter-cell fluid which is environment and all cells are directly dependent on its content (see Bore’s law).

List of disorders healed by Buteyko

More then 100 Diseases of deep breathing.
for you who suffer from the diseases included in the significantly shortened list below, I declare: they can be heeled with my Method!
I spent 30 years treating all kind of diseases, and if my work and method will be used in 50 years there might be no one left who needs being treated

Why body dies?

Buteyko told me that there is no any reason for human body to die from physiology point of view. The body is perfect and able to completely renew itself if it has all elements needed to do this restoration work. But it does not live even 300 years while it has to live at least 1000 years. Why?

Asthma and Buteyko Method

Asthma is a deep breathing disease. Bronchial spasm is the cause of an asthma attack. Bronchi are muscular valves that open / close the passage of air into the alveoli of the lungs. With spasm, the passage narrows and the person lacks air, starts to choke. This is called bronchial asthma.