Put your feet up as wide as possible.

Should be at least 60 degrees angle between legs, although the ideal posture is when the angle is 90 degrees. Place the feet on the same line, parallel to each other. Legs are straight.

Extend your arms to the sides at shoulder height. Tilt your body to the right so that the right hand touches the legs below the knee or, if possible, the right foot.

Effectively perform this asana without relying on the right foot (the palm of the right hand does not touch the legs). If this is not possible, periodically allowed to maintain body hand lightly resting on the leg.

Stretch your left hand with relaxed palm and fingers upward.

Eyes closed. The body remains motionless.

Then the asana is performed absolutely symmetrical to the other side. Legs remain in the same position as the body leans to the left, left hand touches the left leg or foot, right hand with a relaxed palm and fingers is stretched upward.

In both cases, keep the neck and head exactly along the spine line.


Focus attention on the Manipura Chakra (Manipura – the chakra located opposite the navel).


Feel the flow of cosmic energy, streaming down the raised hand into Manipura chakra.  Also, we feel the flow of energy coming from Earth along inner side of the legs and also filling up the Manipur Chakra.


The asana had positive effect on the Sushumna nadi (energy channel along the spine), energy and mental balance, increases the ability to control the mind,  increases will power and self-confidence;
With this asana you can control spontaneous reactions such as anger, fear, anxiety, stress and tension, and improve your overall mental state.

It makes the spine flexible and healthy.

Better to avoid the asana if you have:

Last trimester of pregnancy;

Neck Injury;



Low or high blood pressure.

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