Standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, bring your hands to your chest in Namaste position. Try to adjust your mind to high vibrations: it can be universal love, a sense of God’s presence in everything, etc. When ready slow raise the arms straight up. Relax the leg, muscles of the back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands, neck and face. Eyes closed. The body remains motionless. Perform energy lock – Ashwini Mudra: squeeze the muscles of the anus, retain, release. Repeat Mudra after a short rest.

Attention focused:

Focus your attention on Sahasrara chakra,  located horizontally above the head (the halo).


Try to feel the flow of cosmic energy, stekuschey top hand and subtle prana fills the whole body. Also we feel the energy flow through the Sahasrara (top chakra) down along the spine on the middle channel – Sushumna nadi.


Activates the high vibrations in your energy body. It calms down the mind and inner dialogue, balances the energy body.

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