asana - sirsasana

For people who have spine or neck problems, blood pressure (low or high), excessive weight this asana is not recommended at all!


Check body reaction on the asana every time and stop the practice right  away if you feel headache after asana execution.

Stand on your knees

Put elbows on the floor and grasp each elbow with your hands

Holding the distance between elbows swivel the arms on the elbows and interlock the fingers of both hands tightly. It has to be equilateral triangle on the floor.

Put the top of your forehead on the floor next to fingers. Fingers embrace the top of your head and strongly support it.

Maintaining the arms and head in this steady position straighten your legs making 45 degrees to the floor and the back vertical

Pushing with your legs up slowly take the final position.


Attention focused: top of the head – Sahasrara chakra

Feel: flow of cosmic energy streaming down along you legs and and spine into Sahasrara chakra. Also telluric (Earth) energy fills Sahasrara up.

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