Stand straight in normal stand with palms together in Namaste position at the level of your heart. Raise your hands and stretch the whole body with pleasure. Slowly, carefully  and consciously bend your body ahead and down, feeling each vertebra in your spine, starting from the lowest ones. Put your hands on the ground near the feet if you can. If you can not reach the floor do not push! You can damage your body! Prepare the pillow or any object high enough to touch it with your fingers. It is needed to touch the ground via some object to allow the excessive energy to be discharged into the ground.

Exit the asana very slow helping with your hands and listening to your spine especially after long performance.

Attention focused:

Muladhara chakra (under the pelvic floor)


flow of telluric energy streaming from the ground up along back side of your legs and filling up Muladhara chakra.

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