Top 10 Tips From Osho

osho advice1. People take everything so seriously that it becomes a burden to them. Learn to laugh more. To me, laughter is as holy as prayer.

2. Each action leads to an immediate result. Just be alert and watch. A mature person is one who has observed himself and found what is right and wrong for him; what is good and what is bad. And thanks to the fact that he found this himself, he has a huge authority: even if the whole world will say something different, nothing will change for him. He has his own experience, on which he can rely, and that’s enough.

3. We are all unique. Never ask anybody what is right and wrong. Life is an experiment which is necessary to find out what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes, maybe you will act wrong, but it will give an appropriate experience which you can learn from right away.

4. There are times when God comes and knocks at your door. This is love – God knocking at your door. Through a woman, through a man, through a child, through love, through a flower, through the sunset or the dawn … God can knock on millions of different ways.

5. The desire to be unusual is a very common desire. To relax in being ordinary – really unusual.

6. Life is a mystery. It can not be predicted. And this is the beauty. But there are many people who would like to live a predictable life, because then there would be no fear. Everything would be determined, there would be no doubt about anything. Does not feel like life.

7. First become secluded. First, start to enjoy yourself. First, be so genuinely happy that it will not matter if no one comes to you; you are full, overflowing. If no one knock at your door, it’s still all right – you do not miss anything. You do not expect that someone will comes and knocks on your door. You are at home. If someone comes to you – well, fine. If no one comes, it’s good and beautiful. Then you can go on relationships with others. Now you can do this as a master, and not as a slave, as an emperor, and not as a beggar.

8. If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor, do not take your poverty seriously. If you are able to live in peace, remembering that the world is only a performance, you will be free, you will not be affected by suffering. Suffering is the result of a serious attitude towards life; bliss is the result of the game. Perceive life as a game, rejoice in it.

9. Courage is a movement into the unknown, regardless of all fears. Courage is not fearlessness. Fearlessness happens when you become bolder and bolder. This is the highest experience of courage – Fearlessness; courage became absolute. But at the very beginning the difference between a coward and a daredevil is not that great. The only difference is that the coward listens to his fears and follows them, but the daredevil leaves them aside and moves on. Brave goes to the unknown despite all the fears.

10. You change every moment. You are a river. Today it flows in one direction and the climate. Tomorrow – in another. I have never seen the same face twice. It is changing. It is constantly changing. But you need to have keen eyes to see this. Otherwise, dust falls, and everything becomes old; it seems that everything has already happened.
Listen more consciously. Awaken yourself.


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