Hridaya Meditation

It is the Self Inquiry meditation technique based on Romana Maharshi approach and enriched with extra tools by Sahajananda – the founder of Hridaya Yoga.

Hridaya center is also called Spiritual Heart. It points to your Self - God (Atman) inside. The goal of the meditation is to find  your Self, first as pure I-feeling and then “I” is dissolved in its source (Atman) and only pure consciousness remains, pure awareness of awareness.

The steps of the meditation:

  1. Sit with your back straight as comfortable as possible and close your eyes.
  2. Relax your body as much as you can. You are supposed to feel kind of numbness of the body and forget about it during the meditation.
  3. Immobility of the body – do not move your body and try to stop any activity in your mind. It is kind of frozen state inside and outside.
  4. Bring your awareness to Hridaya center located in the middle of the chest one finger width to the right.
  5. Allow your breathing  circles to slow down. Be aware of the gaps between  in- and exhalation. Feel silence and stillness of the gaps.
  6. Ask the question “Who am I?” or just say “I” or “I am” in your mind. Listen to the answer which can be as the feeling of “I” accompanied by emptiness or stillness inside.
  7. Stay in stillness and inner silence as long as you can with pure I-feeling.
  8. If thoughts or mind agitation are coming ask again the question “Who am I?” or just say “I” or “I am” in your mind.

Hints to go deeper into meditation

  • Before the meditation do Nadi Shodana pranayama for at least 20 minutes to calm down the mind and get extra energy.
  • Clear your mind from daily routine thoughts, worries and problems. Try to feel as high vibrations as possible, to love your Self – God inside, eternity, infinity.
  • Consider Hridaya space inside as the Heart of your being. Listen to your Heart and you can hear there strong vibrations, OM-sound of universe and feel unconditional love.
  • What ever happens to you try to remain just a witness of the experience. Do not get involved or react on any images, thoughts, emotions or any other distractions which can arise in your mind. Stay with pure I-feeling as witness or in pure being .
  • Meditate minimum 50 minutes to get quantum leap in the level of consciousness


Here you can use audio record of basic Hridaya meditation. It lasts about 1 hour and supported by basic guidance.

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