9 Golden Mantras

The 9 most famous and powerful mantras. Sing together 108 times for each mantra.

0:00 OM – The “Sacred Syllable”, the sound reflection of Divine energy, acting at the deep level of consciousness.
31:12 So Ham Shivoham – Mantra of inner harmony and enlightenment.
42:46 Aham Brahmasmi – Mantra of awareness “I am the infinite and unchanging primary principle of all things and events, the Soul of the World”
57:21 Hari Om Tat Sat – The mantra helps to focus the energy of the mind so that it becomes beneficial.
1:11:40 Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo – The mantra “I appeal to divine wisdom”, opens a spiritual channel and connection to the infinite creative consciousness
1:28:24 Dhanvantri mantra – The healing mantra of Dhanvantari has a unique effect on the human mind and on the health of the entire body.
1:46:16 Kleem mantra – Mantra for enhancing energy, fulfilling desires, attracting happiness, luck, love.
2:25:06 Om So Hum – Mantra of Awakening of the soul and Liberation.
2:41:26 Hum Hi Hum Brahm – The mantra “we are the divine spirit”, turns our identification to its true genuine essence.

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