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human love

Human love

Human love does not shine, but blinds, for it is full of attachments.
It does not warm, but only burns, for it is based on passion.
It is the love of the body for the body, the mind for the mind, character for character, personality for personality.
It does not know God, it has little happiness and much suffering.
This love, if it is not sanctified by love from above, is false, shallow, and blind, because it comes from the "i", seeking not God, but the pleasure of affection.
The suffering going together with human love indicates its erroneous essence. True love is the infinite joy in devotion to God without attachments. There is not even a shadow of suffering in it.
Human love is only a miserable reflection of divine love. It is narrow, changeable, full of passions, based on selfishness and easily destructible.
It is like the intoxication of the mind with opium, because it does not give the soul neither freedom nor wisdom.
One who is swallowed by human love is like a drowning traveler who has fallen into a whirlpool. He is mistaken, for he changes God to man, and he changes God with man. But he who has betrayed God for the sake of man is never happy.
He loses his Way and his destiny, for he loves not God in man, but man himself, not seeing his inner essence. Loving, he serves not God in man, but man as a body.
Serving and surrendering to his beloved, gives his soul not to the divine, but to the human; he takes refuge not in God, but in man. Looking at a person, he does not look at God in him, but at his mind and body.
He is like a fool who bows to a costume on his body, but does not see and ignores the owner of the costume.
It seems to him that he loves, but in fact he fell into slavery of feelings because of attachment, like a wild horse cunningly trapped, saddled and harnessed by the gypsies.
Oh, lost soul, wake up, do not bog down in human love, like a bird in snares! Seek love for God and only for God!
But do not reject and do not despise human love at all, so as not to make your heart callous, rather understand it as temporary and small, facing the true love of the soul for God.

Divine love

Divine love is the primordial love of the Lord of the universe to the soul and all things.
It is unconditional, causeless, and always descends.
In it there is no difference between the soul and God, just as the sun does not distinguish between its light and its rays.
At first, this love seems to the soul to be reciprocal and causal, coming in response to its quest, austerity, dedication, love and devotion.
Then the soul realizes that the Divine love is primordial, and not responsible and causeless, as the mother’s love for the child.
She was and always is, and does not come as an answer to love and devotion to God.
It is before the soul and the whole universe.
Love is the essence of God. And that love descends.
Those who are open to her are blessed by her, how the earth is blessed by the descent of the rain, how the flower is blessed by the descent of the rays of the sun.
God consists of love, but it is not the love of man, his mind, or soul, which are only fragments and distorted reflections of God’s love.
God is an infinite loving immeasurable light, full of greatness, radiance and divine glory.
These greatness, radiance and glory are indescribable and invisible, but those who experience them at least for a moment will lose their taste for earthly joys and they will seek only God all their lives like a person who once tasted ragweed, escapes rough food.
Divine Love is pure light, and it is the basis of all life forms in the universe. Thanks to it all wise souls live like fish live thanks to water.
Divine love does not have anything earthly, human as its cause, it is love based on itself without any cause, for God is outside of reason and comes from itself.
Human love divides and limits, excludes some, and chooses others, loves one and rejects the other, but divine love loves not excluding, not sharing and not choosing.
It is like the sun, which shines the same on everyone, not dividing into kings and the poor, young and old, ugly and handsome.

Soul Love for God

Love for God is faith and aspiration of the soul, its faithfulness and devotion to God until self-forgetfulness.
A man, a spirit, a beast, a flower or a tree, a bee or a bird, a mountain or a river are the same for this love, for everything is the same for her, and in everything she seeks and sees only God.
This love does not bind, but delights. It is directed not at the person, but at the one who is his Source. She is not attached to anyone or to anything specific, except for her Source, Lord and Master.
It has no self-interest, does not ask for anything, does not want to have anything other than seeing God himself and serving him.
It is dispassionate, deep, eternal, silent, unchanging, and like the love of the earth for heaven, a river for the ocean, or a flower for the sun.
As the sky, ocean, sun, and love for them do not disappear over the years, so Love to God does not disappear over the years.
Human love quickly flares up, and then fades away over the years, and warms, barely smoldering.
Love for God grows for a long time in the soul of the seeker like a growing flame.
The love of the soul for God does not have human passions, but it has its own, special fire of faith and devotion.
It requires discipline, pacification of the mind, purification of the soul.
Its flame flares up gradually, but over the years it intensifies more and more.
This small fire, once kindled in a believing heart, at one time becomes a great, all-consuming universal flame that burns out the wild forest of egoism, the jungle of passions and overgrown desires.
This fire does not burn but warms, shines but does not blind.
When love for God flashes in the soul, human earthly love seems to her a heavy dream, intoxication of the spirit.
A soul that loves God, even if it has tasted the love for Him just a little, does not want to love anyone else or anything else, because it does not want to exchange heavenly nectar from a gilded vessel for muddy water from a puddle.
Day and night, the soul dwells in the sweet nectar of love for its Beloved, in love dreams and sweet torments and daydreaming, it has neither flaws, nor endings.
To love God with all your heart does not mean to become indifferent and deaf to people. On the contrary, if there is love for God in the soul then it must be manifested to people as well for God is everywhere and in everyone. But this is already different not human proud and jealous love.
This love of a wise soul to God and surrounding souls is quiet, humble, does not look at the earthly, and is directed entirely to its King, Lord and Master.
People with callous souls are hypocrites when they speak of love for God, for it is impossible to love the whole, rejecting its parts. Love for God illuminates the soul with the rays of faith, fills it with the nectar of devotion, cleansing it of gross desires, selfishness, affection and pride.
Like a magic flower, watered with the elixir of the gods, the soul blossoms under the influence of love for God.
To love God day and night, in sleep and in reality, to love in joys and tribulations, in pleasure and suffering, to love in the sweetest delight without choice, distinction, benefit, to love for the sake of love till self-forgetfulness, self-denial - this is a new life and a great fate of the soul awakened its flame of pure love for God.
Oh lost soul, give up immature human love, and surrender to love for God, how Parvati surrendered to Siva, how Radharani left everything for Krishna, how Sita followed Rama into the forest to love, to live forever in God!

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