human autimatism

Human automatism

Western society is built upon machines. You live with them and even within them. And among them, too. Don’t tell me that your environment doesn’t influence your mind. It surely does. We Tibetans are not very tender. It is because our mountains never have been. To live in Tibet, one must be as strong as a yak. Mountains are peaceful, though. You cannot fight with mountains as you do with the jungle. If you run too fast along a mountain path, you may fall down from a rock and die. That was why we have never been too aggressive: just strong, hardworking, a bit retired people. It was mountains that formed our national character.

Sex and suffering

There is so heavy conditioning around sex that make human beings suffering a lot. Sex became a very important issue in the modern society. How come that this animalistic simple fucking business used by nature normally for procreation looks so valuable and complex in human life?
It is a complex topic because it includes the most of the human conditionings introduced by society and nature together. Let us try to go slow diving deeply in understanding of every statement of this article, meditating on it.

Top 10 Tips From Osho

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